Products I love: Kindle + Library = heaven

While I am a strong advocator for paper books, I love the smell of books, I love to organize & reorganize my most prized possessions depending on my mood… I also love to travel & appreciate the convenience of being able to take multiple books on the road with me without the weight.Image

I recently was given a Kindle ($69, as a graduation gift & I love it! My favorite feature is the ability to look up the definition of the word within the text. It is nice to know the exact meaning & not just decide based on context.

It is also quite easy to borrow e-books from your county library for the standard 3 weeks!! FO FREE!



Here are basic instructions how to do this:

(You will need: a library card/ #, a kindle or other reader, internet access)

1. Go on your county library’s page & find where it says E-BOOKS (ACLibrary is bottom right corner)

2. Click through, there will be a number of different options but chose OverDrive

3. Find what you want to borrow, just like at a library they may not have exactly what you are looking for but if you have an open mind I’m sure you’ll find something of interest to you. They have the Hunger Games, 50 Shades and other popular titles

4. It’ll take you to a sign in page where it will ask for the # on the back of your library card

5. Add books to your cart & check out, for a Kindle it will give you a link to click through to Amazon and then a yellow button on the right saying “get library book”. Then when you look on your Kindle it should be downloading already if you are connected to wifi.

Here is a nice article on another blog if you get confused:

How to Borrow Library Books

Enjoy! Happy reading!


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