Products I love: Lush Everything & Acne Woes

I had always seen Lush stores at local malls but been overwhelmed by the sky-high piles of soaps & bath bombs.

When I visited Nicole in Oahu in November she convinced me to go in & consult an employee. The wild eyed girl with a dark bob @ the Ala Moana mall began to explain to me about the all  natural ingredients used in their products & sampled a couple different soaps & moisturizers on my hands based on what I told her about my skin type (oily/acne prone).

I ended up leaving with a couple different products:

1) Coal Face is a facial soap for oily skin that soaks up excess oil, exfoliates & soothes. I love this soap is makes my face feel clean but never tight. ($13.95 for 3.5oz)

Their website says “Powdered charcoal absorbs excess sebum and acts as a mild exfoliator, while rosewood and sandalwood oils reduce redness and clear up blemishes.”

Click through for more details & reviews on the products!

2) Vanishing Cream: An amazing moisturizer specifically for oily skin, working off the idea that excess oil is the result of skin overcompensating for what it needs. I’ll be honest: I did have sticker shock when I saw that a pot of this is over $40 ($42.95 for 1.5oz), however I really think that it is a high quality product & a little truly does go a long way!

“Vanishing Cream contains balancing lavender absolute, pore-tightening witch hazel (which helps brilliantly with eliminating blemishes) and grape seed oil to soften.”

A few tips for shopping at Lush, the employees are generally super friendly and are happy to show you products & will talk forever if you let them. A friend of mine said that they will give you up to 5 samples in a visit, so don’t be shy! Ask the employee for samples of products before you commit to them, whats the

worst that could happen?

*Update: I recently left my bar of Coal Face in the car all day in extreme heat (I didn’t think it would get that hot!), & it melted completely to liquid. However, as it cooled I just mashed it into a ball & it seems to be working fine, FYI.

I have been using these products regularly for about 2 months now. I feel like I see a big difference in my skin’s clarity & oil levels. HOWEVER, the clarity could be in part due to the fact that I have been using Spironolactone to control the hormonal acne along my jaw line for about 5 months now.

Nicole is a big fan of the beauty/makeup review girls on YouTube. Iiiiii am not as huge of a fan because I feel like it just fuels the consumer fire inside of me, plus jealousy of their seemingly endless $$ resources to buy new products. Nevertheless, sometimes it is interesting to get some feedback so here is a video that is kind of long but informative on Lush products.


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