Country Mouse Eats Pizza (Veridiana Pizzaria)


After being in the countryside for over 2 weeks, we traveled to São Paulo to take Colie to the airport last week. After she left I hung out with a friend of mine who lives & works here now.

He took me to the loveliest little restaurant in Jardim Paulista called Veridiana Pizzaria.

It was a huge restaurant with multiple levels, loads of indoor greenery & ornate decor. We sat at the little bar in the middle for awhile & caught up over some caipirinhas made in front of us. The bartender had fresh fruit that he used, I had lychee & he had frutas vermelhas (berries). The atmosphere is so plush & relaxing I could have stayed there forever. The pizza was great (& pricey!). They even had “american” style red pepper flakes which i later was told are called “pimenta calabresa”.

It was so nice to be “fancy” again. Even though I didn’t pay I think the experience was worth the pricetag 😉

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