Sweden doesn’t have enough garbage

My obsession with Sweden and all things Swedish government has been going on for quite some time since I met a lovely girl from there studying abroad in 2011. Granted, it’s not really fair for me to idealize a country’s public policies based mostly on comments made over caipirinhas. Nonetheless, I fantasize about this and surrounding Nordic countries and their social democracies. This piece from PRI is fascinating to me!  Social democracy+extensive recycling = love ! Of course I’m sure there are many many arguments against higher taxes more social services and I’m eager to learn about them one day.
This article fascinates me because in addition to idealizing their social democracies, I am also envious of areas that have great recycling programs like what I saw in Curitiba!

(Here‘s a LONG NYT article about Curitiba’s recycling program & general urban planning marvels)
What do other people think? I love learning about these pro-government populations especially in light of Obamacare. I’d love some referrals for some accessible literature for further reading.
Here‘s an interesting article from the Economist.
“Cecil Rhodes once remarked that “to be born an Englishman is to win first prize in the lottery of life.” Today the same thing could be said of being born Nordic”
Here‘s a PDF about Sweden’s “Waste-to-Energy” program

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