20’s, recent SDSU graduate with degrees in Women’s Studies & Spanish language.

From the SF Bay Area & currently living in São Paulo state with my Dad (Brazil).

Fascinated by linguistics, I speak Spanish & Portuguese and am learning French.

I love to travel, try new foods & am fascinated by beauty products. I also love to read, play sports.

I was inspired to write down my thoughts about my travels & experiences to help future travelers and because I love to read reviews & get feedbacks about EVERYTHING in my life. Yelp, TripAdvisor etc. figured I’d give back some review karma.

I’m inspired by a lot of things & maybe this will inspire someone out there too.


“…Yo vengo de todas partes,

Y hacia todas partes voy:

Arte soy entre las artes,
En los montes, monte soy.

Yo sé los nombres extraños
De las yerbas y las flores,
Y de mortales engaños,
Y de sublimes dolores…”

Yo Soy Un Hombre Sincero- José Martí


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